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Sleeping beautea kit



Just chill and feel relaxed with this elaborate and unique tasting  herbal tea. I am privileged to have two gigantic linden trees growing in my backyard. In mid July, the strong and overwellming smell of the blooming flowers are breathtaking. The bloom invites multiple wild  polinator  and the honey bees to stuff their faces off with an abundance of nector . It is known to calm the nervous system, anxiety and troubled sleepers. 


The delicacies: 

Linden flowers and leaves*

Wild Canada mint*

Lilac petals*

Chamomile flowers* 


***These ingredient are hand picked from my backyard, no pesticides were applied what so ever! So consider this organic or I prefer to call it wild living food for your soul.***


This tea kit comes with a superbe hand made pottery tea bowl. Thats right, Monique Bujold Brown is a local artist located in Charlo, NB. She runs Poterie Barlicoco Pottery. Go visit her page and see for yourself what she can do. 

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