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Fuel up with this wild mint and nettle tea that will invigorate your senses. I personally consider stinging nettle as a nutritional bomb (superfood). I add this plant everywhere: omelets, pesto, fresh juices and herbal teas… Canada mint gives a super refreshing taste too. Give these plants a try and see for yourself how they work in synergy with your body ! I absolutely love sharing the plants I harvest. Hurry, quantities are always limited!

The delicacies: 

Stinging nettle*

Canada mint*



Fireweed flowers*

Lilac flowers*


***These ingredients are hand picked from my backyard, no pesticides were applied whatsoever! So consider this organic or I prefer to call it wild living food for your soul.*** Comes in an elegant 8oz metal thin 

This tea kit comes with a superbe handmade pottery tea bowl. That's right, Monique Bujold Brown is a local artist located in Charlo, NB. She runs Poterie Barlicoco Pottery. Go visit her page and see for yourself what she can do.


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