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Embark on an adventure of botanical discoveries with Madia botanica. Explode your taste buds with plants you've never dared to use in your daily meals. Try a dandelion pesto, sumac lemonade, a good wild mint tea and even a coffee made with roasted roots. This very interesting workshop will definitely get you out of your normal routine.

The choices available are:

- Make an elderberry syrup to prevent coughs and colds

- Make a pesto with young dandelion shoots

- Discover how to harvest, roast and store roots to add to your coffee, salads...

- Make a delicious and remineralizing lemonade with mint and sumac

- Make your own blend of plants and salted preserved herbs to add to your favourite dishes


Other workshops available: 


-  How to make kombucha (you leave with a scoby and a stater kit) 

- How to make sourdough bread (you leave with a sourdough starter and a dough ready to be cooked) 

- Learn all about fermentation!! ( you leave with a kimchi recipe) 



These workshops can be offered at our place, at your place, at your office or according to your demand. Note that additional travel expenses will be added to the total amount.


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Madiane Michaud

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(506) 227-1843


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