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I woke up one of these mornings, my heart filled with impatience and the will to start over. I left everything behind: the office, my home, my undertakings and even my car! I left for the great Canadian West to unwind, but also to free up space in my mind and my body, that felt weakened by years of strenuous work.


When I came back, after a hard season of tree planting, I’ve decided to work in beekeeping at the Miellerie Charlo with Jacques Lesvesque. Following this happy encounter, the bees got me under a spell; those charming little creatures which have been on our Earth for such a long time. I was inspired and drawn to start a business that was good and fair for the bees. I wanted a down to earth business, where living was good and where I would grow my own roots, while living and working and not working in order to live!


It’s while picking and preparing plants, algae, clay, sea salt, honey and wax, by making, with my own hands, natural products having therapeutic virtues, that I feel I’ve found a deep meaning to my life.


These products are made with living ingredients, wild and unprocessed. So, no need for an organic certification, it doesn’t get more organic than this! I use freshly mashed blackcurrant and rosehip, clay form the Chaleur Bay, our beautiful region. We make our own sea salt during winter straight on the wood oven top. How much joy in my heart to feel this living Earth, filled with abundance and waiting to be shared with the world.


From the start of the industrial era, we’ve tried to cut Man from nature, by putting him in boxes and having him work and produce endlessly. No need to say, I went far from who I really am in this social model… But finally, in the countryside, in Madran, New-Brunswick, I’ve rediscovered myself! This is how Madia botanica came to be.


The beehives, the permaculture mounds, the growing fruit trees, the wild and medicinal plants, the shrub cuttings and soon the small animals. Everything is getting into place, as I had dreamed it a long time ago…


I invite you to listen to your intuition! This voice, that speaks to us, but that we’ve too soon been thought to shut. It’s the one which guides us towards a profound joy and a lasting serenity; this quest also leads us to find a balance with nature, from which, let’s not forget, we originally came from!


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