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Live the experience of a SPA while staying in the comfort of your home! The minerals in sea salt (magnesium), clay, kelp and wild mint added to your bath will bring you a lot of benefits and a sense of well-being.


In this package: 


DETOX sea salt soak: 

Ingredients: Handmade sea salt *, clay *, kelp * and wild mint *

*** All of these ingredients are organic and come entirely from New Brunswick. They were harvested and prepared in a traditional way. ***

Packaged in a 8 oz reusable and recyclable glass jar (includes a nice little wooden spoon)


Cedar and spruce soap: 

Ingredients: coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, organic hemp oil*, camelina oil, shea butter, water, sodium hydroxide, beeswax, macerated cedar*, spruce resin* and new-brunswick clay*


****Certified organic and freshly harvested by hand****


4 oz cold process soaps


Wood soap dish :

Don't leave your soap in water! Your soap will last longer if allowed to dry between uses. Try this elegant soap dish and save your soaps! 

Size: 8.9 * 8.2 * 1.7cm 

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