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Handmade Wooden Soap Dish


The Most Durable Soap Dish in the World

Did you know that in Acadia, our barn floors were made of tamarack? I hear memories of beautiful music and long family evenings around guitars, accordions and wooden spoons. This wood is so resistant that even the hooves of horses cannot damage it. Yes, this unique conifer grows in our Acadian forests. It is the only one to lose its needles in the fall!

Oh, and not to forget, these soap dishes were burned with a torch to not only give them a nice finish but for a better resistance to water and mould. Let's go back to our old practices and start saving our soaps!

A special thanks to my dad: he helps us take gigantic leaps forward with his ingenious and audacious creations and ideas.


Dimensions: 4.5 inches x 3.25 inches  

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