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DETOX sea salt soak


Live the experience of a SPA while staying in the comfort of your home! The minerals in sea salt (magnesium), clay, kelp and wild mint added to your bath will bring you a lot of benefits and a sense of well-being. These natural-source, unprocessed ingredients will help:

-reduce stress.

improve blood circulation.

-cleanse and detoxify your skin.

-reduce inflammation and relax your muscles.

I was questioning myself one day, why do we use Himalayan salt while Our beautiful  canadian province is surrounded is surrounded by salt water? I decided to do some research and discover that it was possible to make sea salt at home! In the long winter months, we heat our house with a wood stove, which excellent and rarely used source of heat! Magic started to happen, we started to making sea salt in our little house in the countryside! We decided to draw 55 gallons of salt water and evaporate all of it in the house, the evaporating water brings us moisture and comfort while in return it gives us beautiful crystals of salt! Isn't it great?


Direction: create a detoxifying sea salt bath by pouring 2 full spoons in each bath.

Ingredients: Handmade sea salt *, clay *, kelp * and wild mint *

*** All of these ingredients are organic and come entirely from New Brunswick. They were harvested and prepared in a traditional way. ***

Packaged in a 8 oz reusable and recyclable glass jar (includes a nice little wooden spoon)

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